Projects. Lost names

  • date
  • 17.02.2015

“Art Mission” gallery project brings back to Ukraine her lost names. Plenty of our fellow citizens were scattered around the world during wars and revolutions, repressions and other hard times. Today they are famous within the countries and continents of the residing, but actually unknown in their homeland. We tackle this flaw by expounding about these artists doomed to become foreigners.

Besides that, we reveal to the audience art of talented artists who have showed promise, created interesting samples but because of some obstacles were not recognized. We return these artists from the oblivion to make their names being recognized and help them to engage decent place at the ukrainian and world scale.

We do not limit our research activity to mere visual art. Among artists of past there were those who not just by means of brush and pen glorified the Ukraine but defended the independence of their homeland with weapons in their hands. Some realized their talent in the sphere of literature, film making, science and so on. That’s why we try to tell about them much more deliberately, making emphasis on the sphere of their realization.