Projects. Territory identity

  • date
  • 16.01.2016

Project “Territory of identity” launched to attract attention and to widen accessibility to the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine, primarily of Poltavshchina region, by means of contemporary art.

We collaborate with the artists whose work based on ukrainian traditions, who create pieces of art filled with the spirit of Ukraine. Thanks to employing in their work primordial system of signs and symbols proofed by the thousands of years and their modern interpretations these art objects deliver to the audience visual message of numerous ukrainian generations with all its eccentricity and depth. For any audience, domestic or foreign, this message facilitate recognition of this art as core ukrainian.
Idea about this project emerged from the scrupulous research of the contemporary Poltavshchina condition in the sphere of national identity felt by the residents, succession of generations in art sphere, people’s mindfulness in the cultural heritage of their home region and of the Ukraine in whole. And it was find out that there were some flaws. But in spite of that Poltavshchina has a huge potential for the national identity renascence because of rich heritage being one of the spiritual, cultural and craftsmanship center of Ukraine. Here are plenty of artists – famous, talented and unique, who work actively and fruitfully today, connected to the origins of tradition they transfer acquirement of thousand of years into the modern priming. They creatively reflect on the legacy of ancestors and yield works which embody, in a up-to-date and clear form, pivotal features of history, everyday life and character of ukrainian folks. Our work targeted at finding out and supporting these artists, representing their oeuvre in the Ukraine and the entire world, employing the powerful impact of their works on audience mind for shaping correspondent interest to ukrainian art and culture in whole.

We place great emphasis on succession of generations, durable connection between contemporary art and the past, and this emphasis is characteristic for all the activities conducted by our gallery. Stable movement in this direction – our plans for the oncoming future.