Projects. Step Toward

  • date
  • 17.02.2015

“Step Toward” is our social project. By means of art we help those who need it. Charity auctions, exhibitions, art therapy – all this can unburden or save life. We regularly carry out such types of activity, engage artists, art collectors and all who concerned in other human needs.

Our country endure hard times. War in the east of the country, devaluation of hryvnia, economical, political and social problems – all this impacts upon the country and upon each citizen personally. But even in a such hard situation you may not cease to be optimistic and continue to work and find ways to help others. In this view program “Step Toward” is a good example.
We invite to cooperation all those who are ready to help their fellow citizen, socially vulnerable and children. By the power of art and mutual work we will surely make our country better and all the entire world more good-natured.