We are happy to greet you on our site of actual art gallery “Art Mission”. As the group of like-minded – sponsors, art collectors, artists, art critics, journalists – we work for the subliming of ukrainian art role in the up-to-date world and for the proper integrating it in the international art sphere.

At the end of 2014 we posed the ambitious intention – to bring the ukrainian art to the proper level at international art scene. For this purpose we launched gallery project “Art Mission”. During several months it was done a lot for the approaching this aim – we established collaboration with talented artists, created some exhibitions, organized plein airs (outdoors painting), carried out publishing and publicizing activity.

In a while this project transformed into gallery of actual art named “Art Mission”. The official opening took place 22nd October 2015. In a spacious and tranquil room, up-to-date equipped and situated in the historical center of Poltava city exhibitions are set up, master classes took place, meetings of like-minded are carried out.

Project “Plein air” provides for the artists unique ability to work amid picturesque nature of Ukraine with full submersion into art process. Project “Lost Names” tells about talented artists who have become foreigners by the fates decree or have not been recognized by some reason. Project “Territory of Identity” launched for the popularization of the rich ukrainian heritage, primary of the Poltavshchina region, by means of visual art. Project “Step Toward” social part of our activity. More deliberate information about our projects you may acquire in the correspondent sections of site.

Gallery “Art Mission” is not just stage for, but furthermore, it is а bunch of projects run under her aegis. Project “Art Mission” tells the audience about oeuvre of talented ukrainian artists, preferably form Poltavshchina region. These are people who create art here and now, abiding in a stream of current ukrainian life, expressing on a canvas their deep feelings, aspirations and hopes. Plain air project provides for artists ability to work amid picturesque nature of Poltavshchina region, fully merged in creation process.

We organize exhibitions, auctions, conduct researches, publish books, catalogues, issue news-releases, deepen co-working with like-minded in other regions of Ukraine and other countries.

Gallery “Art Mission” open for cooperation with all talented personalities who concerned in contemporary and future of ukrainian art.